What to choose as the topic of your essay and what not to choose

3 steps to follow for the selection of the topic

  1. The first step during the selection process of the topic for your essay is to consider your interest. You should choose a topic that is interesting to you. Otherwise, you will never be able to write on the topic. In case, you do not find an interesting topic for your essay, then in that particular case, you should focus on choosing a topic that is relatively interesting to you. The interest of essay writers in the topic is too important to ignore or neglect.
  2. The second step is to evaluate the selected topic. You need to know that the topic is narrow or broad. A broad topic does not give sufficient information to write an essay on the topic. Contrary, the narrow topic is the one which provides specific information about the topic. That means you can write on a narrow topic more easily than to write on a broad topic. You need to be able to write on a topic with a sufficient amount of information. Otherwise, you will not be able to do justice with the topic.
  3. The third and one of the most important things to consider during the selection of the topic is the availability of the resources. You need to be able to write on the topic with enough information. Essay writers cannot get information if the sources of information are not available. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you have enough resources of information for writing a well-researched essay.

Main points to remember during the selection of the topic

There are some main points or things that you need to keep in your mind during the selection of the essay topic. Below are some of those key points described for you.

  1. Despite the interesting topic, you need to ensure that you have enough knowledge to write on that topic. If the topic is interesting but you are unable to write on it because of not having enough knowledge, then you will fail to write on the topic.
  2. You can choose the same topic twice. However, the key is to choose a different approach every time. For instance, if you have written against the new legislation, then you can write in favour of that same legislation next time.
  3. You can ask your tutor or your teacher to help you in selecting a topic for your essay. Moreover, you can ask professional essay writers for help.
  4. You should not choose a topic just because no one knows about it. This is because of the fact that the more unique the topic, the higher the difficulty level of the essay. Choose a topic which is interesting and easy to understand.


The things you must do during the selection of the topic.

  1. Decide the type of essay before selecting the topic of the essay.
  2. Ensure the accessibility and availability of all the relevant materials for study before the selection of the topic
  3. Brainstorm the thoughts and ideas on which you want to write an essay. This will help you in situations where you cannot decide the topic for your essay.


There are some things that you must not do during the writing of your essay.

  1. If you think the topic is too difficult to write about or there is not enough study material on the topic, then you should change your topic. You should not hesitate to do that just because you have chosen a topic already.
  2. You should work on narrowing down your essay because it is important for the ease of your audience. Spend some time on this task. You can also use the technique of brainstorming to narrow down the topic.
  3. The most important thing is not to choose a unique topic just because it is unique. It will cause you trouble and difficulty in later stages. Choose a topic based on interest and simplicity.

Common mistakes made by essay writers during the selection of the topic

There are some mistakes that almost all essay writers make except the professional ones. Professional writers are expert in avoiding these mistakes and here, in this article, we are sharing with you this secret.

  1. Some writers choose a topic based on simplicity and easy to write. but what they do not comprehend is that simplicity along with interest should be the basis for the selection. You should choose a topic which is interesting and you can write on that topic with little effort.
  2. Another common mistake is that some writers do not narrow down the topic. This mistake leads to the difficulty in handling the topic.
  3. It is not a mistake to write on the same topic as someone else choose to write. sometimes you know about a topic and you do not have enough time to select a new topic, in those cases you can select the same topic. However, the mistake is writing about the topic with the same perspective. If you are writing on the topic with the same approach, then you are making a huge mistake. Be smart, but not lazy.

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What to choose as the topic of your essay and what not to choose
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