Guide to proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing are two important things that you should do before submitting your assignment. Every essay needs to be proofread and edit carefully if the student wants to get good marks. Even if you are a professional writer, you need to proofread and edit your essay to ensure good grades. You can search for grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, spelling, and word usage issues. outstanding essays are not written overnight. Writers put efforts and time to make them outstanding. You need to do the same thing and an effective step is to proofread and edit your essay multiple times. This article is specially written for you to provide guidance in proofreading and editing of your essay writing online.

Difference between proofreading and editing

Usually, people get confused in understanding the meaning of proofreading and editing. Some people think that both proofreading and editing are the exact same thing. However, the truth is different than that. People use the proofreading procedure to remove or eliminate the surface level errors and mistakes. Whereas, students use the editing technique to thoroughly check the essay and remove all the possible mistakes from the essay. Both proofreading and editing processes are necessary for the successful achievement of an effective and error-free version of the essay.

Effective tips that you can apply to both proofreading and editing

Following are some effective tips that you can use to proofread and edit your essay within no time. You need to practice these tips many times to become proficient in it. As we all know, practice is the only thing that can make a man perfect. You can also hire online editing and proofreading services to do these tasks on your behalf.

Distance yourself from the content of the text

This is the most difficult part of these tasks. The piece that you have just written is a part of you that you have transferred on the piece of paper. It is extremely tough to distance yourself from a part of you. However, you have to do what needs to be done. Therefore, distance yourself from the text that you have just written. Think about it as you are the evaluator and you need to critically analyse the essay. You can easily do it by giving some time to yourself and these tasks. Always start your essay early so that you can skip some days after writing the essay. It is a good way of distancing yourself from the essay.

After clearing your head, you can start performing these tasks of proofreading and editing. Now, read the essay and see what you have written in your essay. This time it will be easier to edit and proofread the document that you have just completed. However, if you still feel difficulty in distancing yourself from the essay, then you should try something else. You can get editing and proofreading services that are available online at cheap prices.

Find which medium is comfortable for you for proofreading

It is crucial to search for the medium which makes you comfortable. It is essential because without being comfortable you cannot edit or proofread your document efficiently. Some people like to proofread and edit the document which is in digital form. Contrarily, there are some people who like to read and mark the printed copy, i.e. hardcopy of the document. Both mediums are ok because the only thing that matters is the quality of your performance.  

Alter the format of your essay

If it is difficult for you to distance yourself from the essay you have just completed, then try changing the format of the document. It is a good way of tricking your mind into thinking that it is seeing a new document. You can change the format by changing the size, colour of the font, spacing, or the type of font.

Search for a quiet place to edit and proofread

Proofreading and editing of your document are as important as writing the essay. Therefore, you need to do it carefully. Moreover, you should avoid any kind of distractions to concentrate on these tasks. Find a quiet place to execute these tasks such as someplace where you cannot be disturbed for quite a while.  You should avoid executing these tasks in front of a TV or in the presence of loud noises.

Do not proofread and edit the entire document in one sitting

A good piece of advice is that you should not try to proofread or edit the document in one sitting. The reason is that the human brain cannot concentrate for a long span of times. The concentration fade quickly, therefore, you should save some time for these tasks to execute them in more than one sittings. It will help you in effectively and efficiently executing these tasks and eliminating all the possible mistakes form the essay.

Prioritise the parts of the essay to proofread and edit if you have limited time

If you do not have enough time to execute the tasks of proofreading and editing of your essay, then you should try prioritising the part of essays that are more worthy than others. It means you should edit and proofread the main body of your essay if the submission deadline is near.
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Guide to proofreading and editing
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