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Have you ever felt sick whenever you have got a writing assignment? There is no shame in feeling that. Every one of us has felt the same emotions at least once in their life. The nightmare of writing your assignments with an enormous amount of research has made the lives of students tiresome. Moreover, sometimes students do not find relevant data insufficient amount which is itself trouble. These events cause frustration and anxiety among students. The more alarming situation is that there is no online help available for these extremely stressful events. We have identified primary issues and provided some solutions for each problem so that students can handle these stressful events by themselves. However, if you still feel that you need some assistance, then online assignment writing services can respond to your ‘write my assignment’ requests.

Challenge 1: Low self-confidence

Students who have been writing assignments on a number of topics since the first year of their college life can also feel trouble in maintaining their confidence when they have to write a new assignment. Self-confidence is a good thing which makes you believe in yourself. Therefore, students should focus on maintaining a high level of self-confidence when they have to complete an assignment. If you do not believe in yourself, then you can never complete a good quality assignment in time. Doubting yourself and your abilities are the worst thing a student can do to him/herself.


Preparation is the key to build your confidence. You should revise and study your subjects as soon as you get some time. In addition, you should also clarify your confusions before the examination to ensure high GPA. This will build your self-confidence and you will perform better in your assignment writing tasks.

Challenge 2: Reading more research than the absorption capacity

The common issue which every student faces is that he/she read more than the absorption capacity. If you read more than you can absorb, then at the end of the day you will learn nothing from all that information you have read. The reason is that not every word you read can take some place in your brain. After reading all that material, students get limited time to work on the actual assignment. This decreases the quality of the assignment. Moreover, students do not have time to proofread their assignments which also contributes to a lower GPA.


Your brain has limited capacity and you should only store necessary and relevant information in your brain. By using this approach, your brain can easily process the information you have read. This will increase the quality of your assignment writing tasks. If you need to read more but your absorption capacity is not enough, then you can send ‘write my assignment’ request to online professional assignment writers.

Challenge 3: Studying at the last moment

Every student, who has the desire to get good grades, almost write every important point of each lecture. But the issue is writing everything down on a piece of paper does not ensure high learning capabilities. You can only learn things that you revise on a regular basis. If you write everything down but revise it at the last moment, then you will eventually forget everything on the day of examination.   


This issue can be resolved by revising your study notes and lectures regularly. Take some time every day to revise your notes and lectures so that you do not have to worry about it on your examination day. Make a timetable to help yourself revising the study material and avoid any distraction at that time. If you have already chosen the wrong way and now you have to complete the assignment at the last moment, then you should consider sending ‘write my assignment’ request to online professional writing services.

Challenge 4: Constantly criticising and judging their own work

Students usually criticise themselves often. They think they have to push themselves harder to achieve success in their lives. However, this approach is not satisfactory and it increases mental health issues. students should push themselves but they also care about their mental health. Achieving success at the expense of mental health and happiness is no success. There are critics and evaluators who can judge your work without sympathising with you but that does not mean you have to do the exact same thing.


The solution is to treat yourself as you treat your friends and family. You should sympathise yourself and, most importantly, you should care about your mental health. Push yourself and try to overcome the hurdles of your lives but be kind to yourself.

Challenge 5: Being overly competitive

Competitive nature is helpful in exploring your true potential and achieving success in your life. However, overly competitive nature is the sign that you are excessively comparing yourself with others. This will only result in stress, anxiety, and frustration. You should avoid this destructive path and follow the solution that is presented in this part.


This is the worst of all habits. Over-competitive nature can lead you to the self-destructive path. You should stop comparing yourself from other people and do something in your spare time. Stressing about competition is not a good way of dealing with things. Do your best and improve yourself continuously to become successful.

Assignment writing issues encountered by people in their academic phase
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Assignment writing issues encountered by people in their academic phase
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