Tips for APA citation Style in Assignment Writing

At the college and university work, some assignment requires the APA citation format. The APA citation is not simple until you don’t have the proper knowledge and guidelines. The professional assignment writers are well aware in all citation styles. If you also want to learn APA citation style, here we have some tips by following these tips you can get the assignment writing skills in APA citation style.

The manual format of APA

APA format is based on some specific rules for citations, use of quotations, content and reference list and any kind if choosing source in primary and secondary level. So in order to provide assistance we give you some tips of formatting a structure in APA citation style.


The well-structured APA citation assignments require the combined in-text citation in the addition with writer name, page and year number if you use direct statement. And it aslo requires the all information of the source that is including; Author name, title, page number, city where the source published and year.

The APA formatting styles require the list of references in alphabetical orders and also hanging indent in the formatting of APA style assignment paper.

Quotation and Paraphrasing

APA citation style expects the student to quote differently while they are used paraphrasing in their text. Do not use so many quotations in your work, most of your information base on your own words. When you are using quotation in your sentence, mention the proper and authentic location of the source and also mention the page number and the URL of the site. In the content, it is important to put the last name of the author with the year.

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Tips for APA citation Style in Assignment Writing
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Tips for APA citation Style in Assignment Writing
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