The Major Problems you could face during Essay Writing

As we all grow older and go through the many years of our lives we often find ourselves struggling to write essays. Essays are a core part of any student’s life. They work tirelessly on crafting so many essays during the many years of their education that after some point their mind just starts to run dry.

In some places, students are expected to simply just churn out essays like they are machines with no will or soul of their own. This, along with many other factors make writing essays one of the most difficult parts of any student’s life.

If you want to know more about what difficulties you as a student could face while writing an essay then we suggest you read this article! We are going to list down a number of major problems students are found to be struggling with in their daily lives.

Starting the Essay

Some students spend a majority of their time just trying to imagine how they will start their essay. Oftentimes, they are just left looking puzzled while staring at a blank screen or piece of paper. The main reason why students face difficulty in starting their essay is because they do not know what to write about. Sure, they may have already decided on a topic but usually they have not sat down and brainstormed any ideas that they can include in the essay. Brainstorming is a really helpful tactic that writers use to get over writers block. It involves you sitting down and on a piece of paper throwing down a bunch of ideas – whatever comes to your mind, even if it isn’t related to the topic. Then taking an idea and thinking of other ways to expand on that idea. This way a bunch of ideas and sub-ideas are created and the student can use them to expand on their topic.

The Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is usually a line, situated in the introduction or the start of the first paragraph that tells the reader what the main point of the essay is. However, it is not only used in letting the reader know what the essay will be about. It can also serve as a useful tool to help the writer remember what direction to make the essay follow. Without keeping in mind what the thesis statement is, the essay can be difficult to format as well as keep organised. Due to this, a lot of writers faces problem in keeping their essay on track and end up getting confused about what to write about. A useful tip is to draft a thesis statement before starting your essay and then constantly referring to it during the essay writing process.  

Who you’re writing for

It is important to remember who the audience you are writing for is. Academic essay writing will be much more different in tone and writing style. For the beginner, this will be very hard to pick up as it does take time to learn and understand the intricacies of formal writing. Overtime, however, your writing will adapt to express your views more clearly in front of a professor or an examiner. Remember, that when writing for academia, it is not important to use big, flashy words in order to impress the reader. It is of utmost importance that you express your thoughts clearly and without fault. As if the reader cannot derive what you are trying to say through your essay, then there was no point in writing it at all.  

Do not be Afraid to Fail

This is a major issue that students face in their everyday lives. The pressure cast upon students is often so much that they become afraid that their work is sub-par or not good enough. This is highly discouraging and demotivating and can lead the student to feel below average. Teachers and parents need to encourage their students and children so that they can feel more confident while writing – especially those who are weak in the subject. We want to remind students that when writing essays, there are two things to remember. The first, essays require a lot of refining before they are ready to be delivered. The first draft you write will never be perfect and nor should you expect it to be. Secondly, reviewing essays is also highly subjective. You or your friends or a random person may love your essay but the next random person may not. So do not be discouraged if people say they didn’t like your essay. Be open to feedback!

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The Major Problems you could face during Essay Writing
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The Major Problems you could face during Essay Writing
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