How to Perfect your Essay, Assignment Writing skills

Assignment writing is one of the most complex and challenging tasks that students are asked to do. This is because of the simple fact that students are not given the proper guidelines that will give them the cheap online assignment help that they often need. Because of this, we have undertaken the challenge of providing students with a detailed and structured guide on how to perfect their assignment writing skills!

Writing a perfect assignment in UK is not something you can learn overnight; a lot of effort has to be put into making sure that the basics are perfected first. After all, if the basics are not covered then how will you go on to learn the advanced tricks and tactics? That is why first we will tell you the absolute basics about writing an essay assignment.

Structuring is Key

Remember that whenever you first learn something, such as the alphabet, you learn it in an order. Order is important because if you do not know what proceeds which thing then the content can look disorganised and unsightly. That is precisely why we too will begin with the structure of your essay.


The thing that will always be at the start of any type of essay you write will be the introduction. After all, how will you tell anyone about the content without giving the context behind it. The introduction serves exactly that purpose. The top UK assignment writers suggest that in the introduction, it is best to keep it simple and straight forward. This means that you should keep it to only telling the reader why you chose the topic you are writing about, why it is important to you and what the essay will be about. Of course, there will be some adjustments made to the content in the introduction based on what type of essay you are writing. For example, a creative essay will not have an introduction similar to that of an argumentative essay. But overall, the introduction will be along the same principle guidelines. As you become a more professional assignment writer you will be able to make adjustments where you see fit, in order to increase the attractiveness of the essay. But this is a much more advanced writing skill that is acquired over time.

Also, in the introduction it is of extreme importance that you include the thesis statement. This is a simple one or two line statement that tells the reader what the essay will be about. Its purpose to entice the reader and drag them further in to the story.

Main Body

This is where it gets a bit tricky. No two essays will have the same main body, but one thing is for sure, the main body will always come directly after the introduction and will always be about the main focus of your essay. So instead of telling you what to write in what type of essay assignment, we will tell you what the professionals do! The way expert assignment writers handle writing the main body is by focusing on the main content of the essay and explaining it there. Think of the main body as the platform given to you to elaborate and expand on the story, describing the intrinsic details of what you are talking about and creating a picture for the reader of what is going on in the story. Let us consider a few examples, if we are were to write an argumentative assignment then the main body would have the three or four main pieces of evidence in support of our argument. Whereas, if we were writing a creative essay with a thrilling story, then in the main body is where all the action would take place.

By now you should be starting to see the picture of how to write the main body. Remember that while you are given this platform to write about the bulk of your story, it is useless to try to and drag it on unnecessarily. It is always best to be direct instead of beating around the bush and trying to let the reader figure your meaning out on their own. Again, that is a very advanced tactic used by professional assignment writers uk who know what they are doing because they have been doing it for their whole life.

The Conclusion

Finally, we come towards the conclusion. This is the part of the essay that you use to wrap up everything and connect any loose ends that exist in your story. The purpose here is to give the reader some final words and explain to them the morale behind the story or what the point you were trying to convey truly was. Like always, different types of essays will have differently suited conclusions but overall the purpose stays the same. It is advised by uk assignment writers to reiterate the message you conveyed in the introduction, that is, in the thesis statement. This way the reader will remember that you indeed brought everything back around and linked everything together.

Now that you know what the basic structure of an essay assignment it is, it is time you practice this several times to properly nail it down in your brain.

However, this is not the end. If you truly want to perfect your assignment writing skills, then there is much more that you will have to do. We are going to give you a few tips on doing exactly that. By following our tips, you will be writing essays that will be among the leagues of the best assignment writers of all time!

The Best Essay Assignment Writing Tips

Clarity in Sentences

This tip is pretty straightforward, it means exactly what it says. Your essay should always be coherent. This means that regardless of you being a master at essay writing or a complete beginner, your sentence structure needs not be convoluted and wrapped in a sense of mystery. This is especially true for beginners to assignment writing, who assume that creating a veil of mystery around their sentences will entice the reader to read more into their essay. However, oftentimes the opposite effect takes place and the reader is left confused without a clue of what is going on.

That is why it is always best to keep your sentences extremely clear with no doubt in them. Always remember that if the reader does not understand or ever realises what the true message of your essay is, then you have failed as a writer. Online assignment writers always stress the importance of keeping your sentences clear and direct and that is why we are going to do it too.

Continuous Editing and Revising

If you were ever wondering how some essays can be so long and so coherent and amazing at the same time. Then it should be obvious that they were not created on the first try. No assignment writer is capable of doing this even if they are the most renowned writer in the world. So how do they do it then? The answer is simple! You should always keep editing and revising your essay once you complete it the first time. Think about it, your professor or teacher must have asked you to create multiple drafts of your essay once you wrote it for the first time. That is precisely what we are talking about too. Editing is always the key to making incremental changes to your essay that over the time make it much more complete looking essay.

A few places to consider for revision is by asking yourself the question, “have I conveyed the message I wanted to?”  or, “do my sentences make sense in the order they are in?” by asking yourself questions like these it will become easier for you to notice potential mistakes in your essay! Similarly, you could always use an assignment editing service as well. Most services can be trusted, and few even employ professional writers who have proper training in making revisions to assignments.

Brainstorm and Make Mind Maps!

Both of these tactics are used by professional assignment writers who can employ them extremely easily. For you, initially, it will take time to master them and get a good grasp over the intricacies in both. Regardless, surely you must have heard of them before. Brain storming is a very simple tactic in which you sit down and think of points that you want your essay to centre around. Then you add sub points to the main points and voila! You have yourself a somewhat working story that you can expand and elaborate on. Creating a mind map is a somewhat similar tactic. What you do is link everything together and follow one point from the point before. Kind of like an interconnected web of points. One thing always follows from something before and always leads to something as well.

Both tactics are extremely useful and can be used by even the most inexperienced to assignment writing. However, it is the ease of use that makes them so powerful. You can sit down for ten to fifteen minutes and just brainstorm about what you want to write in your essay and all of a sudden you will find yourself with a host of a new ideas! We strongly encourage the usage of these methods because they can be effectively employed, and quite amazing ideas can come out from them.

Using the Correct Voice

This is one of the more expert level tips that is done by expert assignment writers. However, it is important you know of this as a beginner so that you do not keep repeating this mistake over and over again without realising. What we mean by voice is essentially how you structure your sentences in the essay. This point ties in quite well with what we talked about before too, clarity in your sentences. To provide some context, there exist two types of voices that you can write your sentence in. An active voice and a passive voice. The active one is a much more direct and cut to the chase type of voice. Generally, it is preferred to use the active voice. Similarly, the opposite of the active voice is the passive voice. The passive voice is a much more roundabout way of explaining the same thing.

In your essay you should always use your active voice. This is because the active voice emphasises much more on the meaning of the sentence and delivers an overall more impactful sentence.  This creates a bigger impact in the mind of the reader and lets the meaning stay there. Where as the passive voice confuses the reader and, in the end, leads them to being annoyed by the essay and ending up not wanting to read it.

With these fool proof tips you will be on the route to mastering assignment writing in no time! Paired with the proper structure that we told you about before, there is no way that you will be getting anything less than full marks in any essay assignment that you will have to write now or in the future. However, the last thing that we need to emphasise on is practice. Without continuous and deliberate practice, there is no way you will be able to master these tips and tricks and even while knowing them, you will end up making the same old mistakes.

If you do not feel up to the challenge of mastering all these tips and putting in so much effort. We propose the best alternative solution! We encourage you to use the online assignment writing service uk, Best Assignment Writers! We are the United Kingdom top assignment writing service and are well versed in all kinds of assignment. From law topics all the way up to challenging MBA assignments. We can handle it all. That is why we heavily encourage you to contact us now and get online assignment help from our expert team of writers in the UK!

How to Perfect your Essay, Assignment Writing skills
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