Which barriers can student face in his personal Development?

Self-development can be approximately alluded to as identity and the Ideal personal development empowers the students to think sanely and spurs the student to accomplish his dreams and goals. It characterises the student’s identity. The development of the student is undermined if there are impediments in the method for ordinary development (mental & physical). There are some barriers which can face any student in his personal development and they are as under:

Ignorance from parents and teachers

Ignorance from parents and teachers can highly effect the student confidence because they both play a vital role in student life, and they both also shape the personality of the students. When parents do not spent time with their children they start feeling ignored and this barrier really effect their personality.

Emotional Issues

Emotional stability is very important in each factor of life but personal development starts from students’ life and if any emotional accident occurs in this period, it makes so disturbance to the student. He cannot focus on his study and his personal development. Parents should know their child personality and as much save them from any emotional issue.

Fear of rejection

Fear of rejection can highly effect the student personal development. The student who lives in a fear of rejection can slow down his personality development. He always heels fear to talk with anyone and he always has an irrational fear that his closest persons abandon him. 


If the student doesn’t have the pleasant environment they cannot concerted on their personal development because an environment matters a lot in a personality development. Actually, we almost learn from the environment and the bad environment makes the student incompetent and incapable.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts snatch the sweetness of a behavior and may adversely affect personal development. When the student feels negativity in his atmosphere he becomes pessimistic. Mostly negative thoughts generate when the student could feel negligence from his teacher and parents.

Financial Crisis

Financial stability plays an important role in the process of personal development, if any students suffer an financial crisis, it might stumble down its academic and personal development.

These barriers might be effected the personal development of any student. Parents and teachers should guide their children and look after their personal issues, never neglect their kid this is the most important factor due to ignorance, it can be lost its abilities and self-confidence. And it might shatter down its personalities and academics.

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Which barriers can student face in his personal Development?
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Which barriers can student face in his personal Development?
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