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Upon noticing I figured out that seeing marketing is much easier than to define the same. It might be difficult for you to define marketing as you already see that every day in your life. You can see that marketing is more about the advertisement and the sale and it focused on all stages of the businesses from the very beginning and till the end.

Marketing has a wide scope that covers the process from ideas to the realisation of gains. Marketing is subdivided into many other things which further include advertising, sales, Public Relations, promotions, and many more. Marketing is essential for all kinds of organisations as it helps them to plan, organise, control, and to implement the marketing strategies to help the firm in providing the best services in return for high profits.

Why Marketing Is Important in All Aspects?

At first thought, you might say that why marketing is important for the business? Why advertising and sales are so important factors in the entire marketing? While digging deeper it will make sense as suppliers spend a lot to know the needs and don’ts of the customers. Understanding the buying pattern and demand of the customer helps a lot to meet the uncertainties ahead. When, where, what, how, and why are some of the questions to understand and fulfil the demands of the customers effectively and efficiently.

Marketing students at the university level are provided with several assignments that are responsible to enhance the understanding and the grades of the students at the same time. However, it has never been easier for the students to complete all the requirements of the marketing program. It involves many complexities around students as I have to meet the requirements for all subjects at the same time. To get the right understanding of the subject, students are advised to approach professional marketing assignment writers that can help to complete assignments and give the required knowledge about that topic and the subject.

4 Ps of Marketing

The four P’s of marketing are easy to explain but hard to implement. These four are considered as the four pillars of the entire marketing. Product, price, place, and promotion are the 4 Ps of marketing. The basic idea of the 4 ps of marketing is to enhance the number of sales. It might sound easy but it is much hard to implement and to get the desired results. Let’s see each of them in detail to complete your marketing assignment writing.


In simple words, a product is something or anything that companies sell it can be anything. It can be a laptop in the Apple Store or a food recipe in the restaurant. The product is not merely limited to the physical asset but services are also considered in the category of product. Whatever you will make available to the customers it will be considered as a product. So the entire thing is dependent on the availability of what you are providing to the customers.

The basic thing is the uniqueness of the product. You have to find the factor that exactly effects your product in the best possible way to maximize customer satisfaction. It is highly recommended for the newly emerged businesses that before building a product, try to get the maximum feedback from the customers instead of investing too much of your precious time and money.


Defining the price is much simple, it is how much you charge for the availability of your product to the customers. It might seem that you can set the price is easy but the businesses need to come up with the right price of the product. The price should be mostly focused on the amount of profit rather than the number of sales. There are different concepts and strategies for the various organisations and businesses as they are free to charge the right price for their product to maximize the profit. There are certain questions that you need to take care of such as what can be the lowest price you can sell your product.


The place is the third and most important factor in marketing. It can simply be defined as the location. It doesn’t matter how good set up you have arranged for the marketing or what strategies you are going to implement if you don’t select the right location for your marketing, it is of no use. One of the basic mistakes that newcomers do is wait for the customers to reach your location. Instead of waiting for the customers to arrive, you should reach out to the customers. In short, you have to target the audience in the right place.


Once you are done with the product, price, and place of the marketing, it is the right time for the final and the most important P of the marketing. It’s all about promotion…!!!

Don’t ever forget the main objective of the promotion, it is to maximise the profits. It is not only about taking your product out there in the market. There are no obvious reasons for doing extensive promotions if you can’t generate the sales out of it. Well, online marketing is a whole new and effective era of marketing.

Online Marketing Essay Writing Services

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What Are The 4 Ps of Marketing: Marketing Essay Help
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