Students Struggle in Composing History Assignments – Here’s What They Need to Know

History is typically a complex subject as it involves an in-depth and systematic narrative of various happenings and events that occurred in the past. Those past events and happenings may be related to a particular group of individuals, a community, or a person, a society, or a county in a certain period.

Why Study History?

History due to its various benefits became a widely-study subject. There are various universities in UK, USA, or Australia, France, Germany, and other countries that offer certain specialized programs in History related subjects mentioned above for candidates after graduating from school. Students who want to pursue their careers somehow in the same field have to study well. Intending to enter into the field, students have to maintain good academic records and perform well. It can be done only when they could submit their high-quality assignments on time, perform well in class and get good grades.

However, making assignments on History sometimes might become a tough task as it needed in-depth research and skills to find out the right facts and figures and the ability to evaluate and incorporate them effectively. A student might feel stuck while finding the right and appropriate facts and figures related to the historical events. It sometimes ended in a disaster as a minor mistake related to a Historical event can be a big blunder that can decrease your grades.

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Significance of Studying History

To know more about historical events and the certain events that took place so far is very essential to better understand the societies and world as a whole. However, history doesn’t only refer to the past events that took place on a social basis or a cultural basis. There is always a history regarding each field from music to science to medicine to art and politics. Thus, history is a vast field to study about.

Nowadays, students also recognize the importance of studying History as a course. Many students opt to get enrolled in the field of history worldwide. There are many leading and well-recognized History educational institutions providing quality education to students worldwide. History allows students to comprehend more about societies, culture, norms, values and traditions, political backgrounds and evolutions, as well as the process of change over time. It helps students develop a better understanding of the world.

Learning Outcomes of History

History deals with investigating all of the past events and happening to better understand, recognize and evaluate their causes, reasons, factors involving during the event, and most importantly future effects objectively. In addition, there are various types of history sub-subjects. Students opt to study any sort of History subject as per their interests and preferences. Some of the students might like world history, or ancient history, or modern history, depending upon their interests.

History is usually and most of the time written in a chronological manner – sometimes feels like storytelling explaining and analyzing past events and happenings. Students of History cover various learning outcomes that make them able to effectively develop an understanding of recognizing past events and their importance, analyze them, and produce high-quality research papers.

A few of the major learning outcomes of history are as under:

  • Students will be able to classify and analyze historical events and develop a sense of understanding.
  • Students will be able to research effectively and finding out the right facts and figures related to past events. They will be able to utilize databases, archives, and libraries properly.
  • Communication will be the core element and learning outcome of studying History. Students will learn to express their opinions and thoughts coherently and confidently both in writing and orally.
  • Students will be able to critically evaluate past events and apply essential historical methods to examine the record of the past events as well as how historians and others have interpreted them.

Students should demonstrate their understanding and knowledge along with skills involved in historical practice by abstracting and examining a certain piece of original research.

Three Major Stages of History

The literal meaning of history refers to the events that took place a long time ago. Hence, in terms of the time period in which the past events took place, history is divided into three major stages that are as under:

The Ancient History

Ancient history as the term shows –includes the past human activities and events that took place a long time ago, back in the time when human history had emerged for the first time. Hence, it later extends to the time of post-classical history. This part of history covers certain events that considerably took place in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Post-Classical History

Post-classical history is the stage of history that includes the medieval period significantly. The major past events of this stage of history took place after the fall of a number of famous civilizations. This period of history deals with studying more about famous past civilization events. This period is supposed to follow ancient history and extend to modern history.

Modern History

The modern period of history covers a wide range of milestones of history. It is the study of all the past events that took place in the 16th century and moves further. Students often take interest in studying modern history as it covers all the historical aspects of events that happened since the 16th century.

Some of The Major Areas of History

History is such a detailed course with various areas to deal with different aspects of history. However, a history student doesn’t need to study and consider all the areas of history in his work. A student always has an option to go for specializations in any particular area or field of study. Each area or field of history has its certain specification in terms of different categorized aspects. A student might want to go with Political history or a Social history or maybe Military history. It all depends on the interest and preferences of the students individually.

Political History

This specific area of history deals with studying past political events in relation to the political parties, political leaders, kingdoms, political events and happenings, and so on. The purpose of studying Political History is to identify and understand past political events and analyze them in relation to the new ones. It also deals with identifying all the political changes and study them to develop a sense of understanding regarding the political systems.

Social History

Social history deals with studying the social changes that have taken place specifically in the historical perspective. This area of History explains the past events related to the social practices, norms and values, social habits, and customs of people living in the society. It deals with developing an understanding of the past life events and experiences of people living in the society. Social History, in a nutshell, is the study of society and people of society in terms of historical perspectives.

Military History

This certain part of history deals with studying and understanding the particular strategies exhibited in past by the army or establishment, military, and wars. it also deals with certain ways by which the military policies and strategies can be modified to meet the current defense challenges. Military history, in a nutshell, is the study of both past and current situations of the military and the defense in the country.

Economic History

Economic History deals with studying past economic events. It often focuses on the certain institutional dynamics of the economic system of a country – it includes the country’s financial and economic condition, labor, production, and capital. It is the study of identifying factors that contributed to the improved or worsen conditions of the country and analyze them in relation to the current economic condition of the country. In addition, it helps in developing understanding related to the impacts of the economy on culture and society overall.

Cultural history

This particular field of history – cultural history, deals with studying and assessing past events in relation to numerous significant cultural backgrounds. It also involves the interpretation of various cultures and how those cultures have changed civilization. Cultural history involves identifying how culture is interpreted and adopted, as well as the influence and impacts of culture on societies and people.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a History Assignment

History is one of the major subjects that demand in-depth and great details of information, facts, and figures to analyze historical events. Since history covers a large area of study, History students have to make various projects and assignments. History is an inter-disciplinary subject to build up various other subjects. It mainly focuses on periphery issues along with answering significant questions. Doesn’t matter, which area of History are you studying – whether it is being Political History or Social History, or Cultural History, you need to do some extensive research to complete your assignment effectively.

However, once you start searching about historical events you will find out that there are various sources – websites available online in which facts and figures also differ from one another. It creates a sense of unauthenticity that you must need to avoid while making an assignment. in addition, there is also a possibility that historical events are interpreted differently from various perspectives that might incorporate several different meanings to the same certain topic. You must need to search and evaluate relevant academic and online sources to better explain and analyze different events. Also, you need to site each reference while making an assignment on History in order to support it with evidence.

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