Scope of free lancing and consultancy Business in UAE

Due to the changing times many things have changed in our life, from telephones to transportation, everything transformed drastically in a few years only. Every field of life has its own way of developing and adopting this change. One of the most important industries that came into existence due to these changing technological advancements is the Freelance business. It is almost as if a person is doing someone else’s work but is still self-employed. Free lancing has become an increasing trend in countries all around the world, but UAE has faced the most influx of such entrepreneurs in recent years.

UAE has become the fulcrum of many leading industries and businesses. It is the place where people from around the world move in to try their luck. Many new businesses have little investment in the beginning. That is why they do not higher full time employees for many useful tasks. These services include content writing, marketing, promotions, graphic designing and much more. All these services could be gained at any time according to our own demand from the freelancers who do all this work on contract. This eliminates the need of hiring a full time employee for all these services each.

Mostly the freelance businesses are available in media industries. Many people need smaller services related to their media business and they prefer employing the services of a free-lancer. This clearly indicates that the scope for a freelancer increases in places where media business is booming. One of such places is Ajman media city. Many people from around the world including young entrepreneurs who have limited budget move to UAE to have Free zone company setup UAE. Hence many products and services are in demand in this area.

There could be a number of reasons why someone would choose freelancing as a career option. The reason is that at times people do not want to work under constant commands of the employer and get paid the same money for what he does. At times you want something more than just being able to climb up the ladder of hierarchy in a company and get a higher management position after dealing with all the politics. Hence choosing freelancing is the most promising idea for you. Free lancing is at times confused with consultancy services. Although both are somehow similar in nature, but at the same time they are two distinct fields also.

The similarities between a freelancer and a consultant is that both of them work on the basis of projects, they get paid for the work they signed up for and the chances of exploitation are reduced a lot because you can only sign up to do the work that you think you are able to do and at the same time bid for the price of your work as well. Both careers have their set ups running in UAE.

There are a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in free zone license cost. If you work in any free zone of the country you will be surprised that how many benefits you can get in this country and at the same time you can do work sitting in your office and get assignments from wherever you want to. This makes both the businesses very attractive, but at the same time there are many differences among these two careers too.

Consultants are the people who might work independently and have their own clients or they might work in association with a firm that deals with clients and he has to bring in more people and clients towards the said firm. For this reason consultants are highly in demand. Certain people who have a good knowledge related to a specific field of business have a good scope in the careers options that include consultancy services. For example if a person has complete understanding of how a business is set up in UAE and what are the prerequisites of applying to get visas, permissions and documents in the said country, he can chose to become a business consultant and guide the young new people who want to move their business in one of the most leading places to do business. Consultancy is not that much of a difficult task but the real issue that the people who are into this business face is that, they could not find the right kind of clients.

When it comes to dealing with clients there are two main approaches that should be kept in mind. The relationship between the client and the service provider should be maintained as it is very beneficial for a business to grow even though you assume that the client is done with utilizing your services. You never know when the client needs some other services or how they encourage other people to move forward by telling their success story and including the said consultant in it. The second thing to do is to understand that as much as keeping the old clients is important, finding new clients is still very important too. You can’t rely on your previous clients to do you PR and wait for new demand to be created on its own.

Freelancing on the other hand is quite different as the relationship between a freelancer and his customer is totally different. A freelancer can provide services that are always in demand by everyone. So if a freelancer decides to keep an old client it is a very smart move as people who hire private freelancing services for them need to trust you first. Once your client starts trusting you, you are definitely in business.

Although both these entrepreneurial ventures seem very exciting, it is very important to understand that just because you have the liberty to do whatever you want, you should not be over burdening yourself with a lot of work. Work with patience and take up only that amount of work that you are able to complete in time. If done with balance, freelancing and consultancy are both very promising businesses and their scope is very high especially in countries like UAE.

Scope of free lancing and consultancy Business in UAE
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Scope of free lancing and consultancy Business in UAE
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