Internet of Things is a new change in the technological world!

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The Illusion of Internet of Things

The Internet of Things refers to the connection of devices (other than typical fare such as smartphone and computers) to the internet. For example; cars, kitchen appliances and now even heart monitors can all be attached by IoT. The ‘Internet of Things’ has the power to change the old traditional of the world. And while we have seen some tremendous and astonishing transformations by this source there’s a lot more to come in the future, for sure.

As a beginner IT student, this article will guide you about all the features, advantages and disadvantages of Internet of Things.

Features of IoT

Here is a list of some features that Internet of Things has to offer.

Artificial Intelligence

This new technology has potential to make everything ‘smart’. It has improved every corner of life with the power of networks, data collection and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Small Devices

The projection of devices have made an impact on reduction, affordability and more power over time. IoT use purpose-manufactured small devices to carry its accuracy and versatility.


Sensors are the winning part of IoT. They execute as major tools which change IoT from a standard passive network of devices into an active system accomplished by real-world amalgamation.


Networking has become stronger in the last few decades. Networks are no longer completely tied to main devices or computers. They are now much cheaper and can easily be practiced on smaller scale. Tiny lines are created between system devices by IoT.

Active Engagement

Communication with incorporated technology happens through passive engagement. New models for active products, content or service engagement is presented by IoT.

Advantages of IoT

The advantages of IoT are widely spread in all the areas of lifestyle and business. The advantages of IoT are briefly discussed below.

  • Better Customer Engagement
  • Technology Optimization
  • Lowered Waste
  • Refined Data Collection

Disadvantages of IoT

IoT presents some extraordinary set of benefits, on the same time it also offers some important challenges. Following are the major disadvantages.

  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Privacy
  • Compliance
  • Complexity

Thus, this was all about Internet of Things. Keeping all the features, advantages and disadvantages in your mind, as IT student, you can definitely come-up with more ideas of innovation. The basic idea of this article was to teach the basic information of the new advancement and its magic in the real-world. You can write your own IT assignment taking inspiration from this article or you can order us to write one for you!

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Internet of Things is a new change in technological world
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Internet of Things is a new change in technological world
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