Important Steps to Evaluating Third-Party Partnerships

How one can know whether if your partnership is living up to expectations or not? Are you a good partner? Reflecting upon these questions it can help in strengthening the partnership in continuing to businesses and making sure that we are using our resources in a effective way to generate more revenue and serve the basic needs of our customers. Businesses nowadays are striving to add more value to their partnership, to have a better equation on both the sides.


The easy definition to define a partner is the people who share daily activities or are members of a relationship. Moreover, we are referring to contract-based partnerships with third-party vendors, but many of these practices and questions can be used for evaluating partnerships of other kinds.

Once you have signed the partnership contract with any third party inspection service, especially the one who has performed less or more autonomously, and then realize that after 2-3 years you did not think about it again. Many kinds of changes can take place over this period of time, whether it is an investment, marketing or the relationship. Without thinking about the quality of the partnership and moving forward would result in missing moments to generate more revenue, aligning efforts, hiring more employees or changing the marketing strategy. Moreover, it might be possible that you have a partnership which no longer supports your goals, and they need to be realigned or dissolved.

In this post, we will discuss seven important steps which must be followed by you for evaluating the third-party partnerships.

  • Benefits of Partnership

What is the benefit of this partnership? Why is this partnership still in existence? What is the benefit of this partnership for our organization?

To take advantage of the benefits of partnership requires reflection from the staff members about how the individual partnership is fitting your program portfolio, market presence, and your mission. If this current partnership is not benefiting your organization, this evaluation will work as a catalyst to consider re-engage with the partner or terminate the partnership forever.

  • Reviewing Contract Responsibilities


Reviewing the scope of the services offered in the contract and creating the summary of efforts of both the party to perform tasks assigned by the organization.

ProQC (Quality Control Solutions) try to review the partnership contract to find out what are the responsibilities of our employees and our offices. Over a period of time, expectations related to partnership can change because of the shift in marketing or staff change. However, to identify all the components involved in the partnership can work as a reminder for the purpose of the existence of this partnership and reducing the ambiguity on how the partnership will currently look.

  • Resources

Partnership helps in summarizing that how resources are being used in an effective way. What are resources are in existence in this partnership and how the staff is utilizing it? In what ways this partnership is benefitting both the parties?

To identify the resources which are in existence within the partnership and how it is beneficial for the organization is important. You might be able to identify all the needs or overlooked resources in your partnership. This is component is useful for businesses to use it as a reflection of the organization’s certain knowledge about the resources available from the partner. Thus, providing them with the opportunity to engage with their partners about important resources.

  • Communication

Describing the relationship between the organization and the vendor is important. How communication takes place within the partnership between two people? In what manner partnership strengthens each party?

To identify the resources which exist within the partnership it is important to identify them as it is beneficial for both the parties. You can easily identify all the overlooked resources or reveal your requirements within the partnership. Moreover, this component uses reflection to see your organization’s knowledge about engaging with partners for various resources, and resources available.


The evaluation of the partnership can work as a success for organizations who want to seek the value of their partnership. The evaluation process can be enhanced by businesses who created their targets manually and confirm about them. Moreover, it will provide opportunities for evaluating partnership with large requirements. Therefore, it is your goal, in the end, to evaluate how this particular partnership is going to work for you for supporting your organization goals.

Important Steps to Evaluating Third-Party Partnerships
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Important Steps to Evaluating Third-Party Partnerships
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