How to Complete an Assignment for Financial Performance Analysis?

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Finance is a vast field that demands hard work and commitment to the subject. Finance is a necessity for all kinds of businesses regardless of any nature or size This helps the organisation to manage the operations and long-term financial issues effectively and efficiently. Financial performance analysis is one of the difficult tasks for the students. This project aims to analyse the performance of the organisation based on financial analysis. This requires a complete understanding of the structure and the procedure to complete the financial performance analysis.

What Is Financial Performance Analysis?

The financial performance of the organisation helps to determine how well an organisation can use its available resources to generate revenues. This helps to determine the financial health of the organisation for the sake of stakeholders. Analyst and the stakeholders use various comparisons to see the financial performance of various industries and the sectors. This analysis is a must for the organisations to attract the investors and the stakeholder.

Let’s see a sample that can help you out to complete the financial performance analysis as per the required procedures and a custom structure.

Sample of Financial Performance Analysis

Profit and Loss Account
Revenue (Gross) 275,604,114215,662,302128,759,27599,061,496
Revenue (Net)233,607,420 173,739,17399,508,19476,773,93784,856,454
Cost of product sold224,167,482 166,850,65794,585,66974,017,81582,877,017
Gross profit10,276,6497,388,9765,130,1122,838,9532,036,795
Operating profit5,995,8794,528,3523,078,0811,629,7821,237,285
Profit before tax651,8822,658,6991,967,9751,196,721864,743
Profit after tax207,1431,401,2481,215,6261,133,237 640,057
Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization2,953,4863,751,0472,810,8021,788,0001,264,000
Balance Sheet
Share Capital1,810,1881,448,1501,206,7921,206,792906,000
Property, plant and equipment22,563,23213,680,3498,688,9476,277,9283,290,784
Current assets49,485,35542,291,73433,718,944 17,915,595 10,974,980
Current Labilities 56,874,605 43,906,214 34,629,671 20,235,279 12,058,676
Non-current assets 24,447,383 15,911,404 10,939,806 8,703,487 4,642,178
Non-current liabilities 4,573,143 4,030,888 3,924,061 598,171 459,119
Surplus on revaluation of fixed assets 4,389,156 1,025,789 1,142,880 1,256,529 320,550
Summary of Cash flow statement
Cash flows from operating activities (7,819,420) 1,276,063 2,407,628 4,364,000 722,000
Cash flows from investing activities (5,516,647) (5,824,726) (2,920,005) (2,290,000) (1,793,000)
Cash flows from financing activities 1,518,038 4,747,671 1,785,326 104,000 1,367,000
Net cash flows during the year (11,818,029) 199,008 1,272,949 2,178,000 296,000
Investor Information
Profitability ratios
Gross profit ratio4.40%4.25%5.16%3.70%2.40%
Net profit ratio0.09%0.81%1.22%1.48%0.75%
EBITDA margin1.07%1.74%2.18%1.90%1.28%
Cost / Income ratio 1.12 0.78 0.79
Return on equity 0.02 0.14 0.24 0.25 0.23
Liquidity Ratios
Current ratio0.87 : 10.96 : 10.97 : 10.89 : 10.91 : 1
Quick ratio0.47 : 10.54 : 10.5 : 10.47 : 10.62 : 1
Cash flows from operations to sales-3.35%0.73%2.42%5.68%0.85%
Cash to current liabilities 0.15 0.22 0.23 0.20 0.15
Earnings / (loss) per share 1.14 10.70 9.41 9.395.89
Breakup value per share without surplus on revaluation of fixed assets 55.90 63.81 41.12 37.53 30.67
Breakup value per share with a surplus on revaluation of fixed assets 86.21 70.89 50.59 47.9434.21

Importance of Online Finance Assignment Help

Expert assignment help can assist students in understanding the core requirements of the subject. Finance is not an easy subject. It demands a lot of commitment and hard work to make the requirements of the activity. Professional writers play an important role in the completion of their assignments. It demands a lot of time, commitment, experience in writing, and complete knowledge about the subject to prepare an effective assignment. Every subject demands certain activities to help students grasping the basic knowledge about the subject. Assignment writing is one of those activities that help students to understand the topic or subject effectively. Assignments are of different in nature, it depends on the need of the subject and developed by instructors accordingly. These assignments are highly responsible for the variation in your grades, so students need to take that seriously.

Talking about finance assignment writing, it is way more difficult. Most students cannot manage to understand the requirements of the finance assignment. 

How to Complete an Assignment for Financial Performance Analysis?
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