Elements Of Cost Accounting: Finance Assignment Help

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Cost accounting is one of the difficult subjects and it is complex for the students to write an assignment according to the guidelines of the university or a college. You don’t have to feel overburdened as today we are going to discuss the cost accounting in detail. this will help you to complete the cost accounting assignment before the provided deadline and to meet standards at the same time.

What Is Cost Accounting?

Cost accounting is entirely based on the practice based on recording, examining, summarising, and studying the cost of the spent on the products and services provided by the organisation. Cost accounting helps the organisation to control the cost and make strategic planning for the best decision making and to improvise the cost-efficiency. Financial statements along with three other cost information and management to see the current situation of the company and to make the best decisions. This further helps the organisation to plan as to where to increase and where to decrease the cost. Standard cost accounting, activity-based cost accounting, marginal costing, Lean accounting, and marginal costing are some of the types of cost accounting that are widely used all around the world.

What Are The Elements Of Cost Accounting?

Every business and Organisation is dependent on three cost elements namely material, labor, and cost. These three elements are the basics of cost accounting and are further divided into sub-elements which are direct and indirect costs. Direct cost is all about the expenses applied to the process of manufacturing throughout making certain products or services. For example, direct cost includes direct labor, direct material, and manufacturing supplies. The indirect cost can be defined as business activity expense which is spent and applied for more than one business activity. For example, rent expenses, office expenses. salaries. utilities. and many others alike.

Let’s see and discuss the three basic elements of cost accounting in detail;

Material Cost

Material cost is one of the major costs incurred by a business throughout the procedure of procurement of raw material along with the process of manufacturing. Material includes the category of raw material while Services include the material involved in the environment, tools, and time invested to learn the specific skill of services. Material cost is all about the direct influence on the cost of products or services. They can be further divided into sub-categories of the material cost incurred by a business or company. Raw material, semi-finished products, fuel cost, packaging cost, spare parts cost, building material cost, are some of the examples of material cost.

Labor Cost

Labor cost is the second and third most expensive cost incurred throughout the operations of an organisation or business during the process of manufacturing or providing services. It is good for the organisation to manage the labor cost significantly to reduce the overall cost of manufacturing or providing the services. Labors are the most important part of the organisation as the entire business performance is dependent on the performance of labor. Therefore, it is necessary for the organisation to understand the labor cost in details for the desired results. Labor cost youth parliament per cost includes the following;

  • Each employee is provided with the basic salary it is further divided into different categories as per the need. Basic salary does not include any kind of incentives but just a basic salary against the services. This includes labor costs.
  • Health reimbursement arrangements are basic and additional benefits of the staff. This includes retirement benefits, vacations, and other flexible work arrangements.
  • There is a growing demand for Labor all around the world, therefore, it is necessary for the organisation and every business to take care of the basic need of the employees such as transportation facilities. This helps the employees to put their motivation level and be more productive and focused on their tasks.
  • Housing, security, leaves, food, and entertainment are also a basic requirements of every employee and organisation. This helps employees to boost their motivation and to be productive throughout the work.

Other Costs

Other cost involves all the expenses which do not have a direct impact on the production and services provided by the organisation or the business. These costs are not fixed but always changes. Therefore, they are considered as a variable cost. The variable cost can fluctuate as per the scenario. For example, you are running a business that is seasonal. So, there will be a time when your electricity cost will be high and vice versa.


It is important for the students to understand the complete and Basic concept of the cost accounting for the desired results of writing an assignment. Above mentioned are some of the basic concepts of course the counting and can help students to complete their cost accounting assignments effectively and efficiently in order to achieve high grades to get the required understanding of the concepts.

Elements Of Cost Accounting: Finance Assignment Help
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Elements Of Cost Accounting: Finance Assignment Help
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