Different types of case study assignment writing

There are a wide variety of different categories of case studies that exist in the vast field of writing. But before we break down and talk about each individual type of case study that you may have the pleasure of writing in the near future, we must discuss what exactly a case study is and the important parts that comprise it.

Case study assignment writing can be defined as a report which has been published about a person, a group, or a particular situation that has been studied over a certain period of time. Case studies which are about the behavior or the activities of a group, then the group is studied as a whole, rather than as individuals.

So now that we have defined what exactly case study assignment writing entails, we can discuss all of the subdivisions of the category of case study, each of which is different from the next and is dependent on the goals and objective of the person writing the case study.

The types of case studies are as follows:

Explanatory case studies!

An explanatory case study is a form of a case study which focuses on the explanation of a question or a phenomenon. A case study which is explanatory does not try to discover some new phenomenon, but it simply tries to explain a phenomenon that already exists in the world. This is why individuals or groups of people cannot be studied in an explanatory case study as individuals are unpredictable and there are too many variables in place to consider which will cause differing results. However, an explanatory case study would be perfect for an event, like a car crash, as there are particular variables of an event which can be controlled.

The results of this type of case study are not up for interpretation, but they can be used to make improvements in the situation to make sure that the results are different. This is the main purpose of explanatory case study assignment writing.

Exploratory case studies!

An exploratory case study is performed before a proper research project is commissioned to research a particular idea or purpose. The basic function of this type of case study is to explore a topic and identify questions that can be used to make further strides in research on the topic in question. These type of case studies are quite popular in the fields of psychology and other social sciences as researchers are always looking for new and better means through which their patients can be treated. This may even include discovering new problems that have never been seen before in patients of psychologists and discovering new ways to treat these problems.

However, there is a particular drawback to conducting exploratory style assignment writing, which involves students and researchers making pre-emptive conclusions about a particular topic based on preliminary research conducted in this case study.

Illustrative case Studies!

These are mostly described as case studies which are descriptive of an event. The main purpose of an illustrative case study is so that all the readers are made aware of a situation which is rampant. This will give all the readers a similar view of the topic at hand and it might make them base their judgements on an expanded view of a single event. This will make them prepared enough to answer some general questions that an interviewer might have.

Intrinsic case studies!

An intrinsic case study is defined as the study of a case in which the subject of interest which is researched is the subject at the center of the research itself. These types of assignment writing are mostly related to the psychology of an individual and how their experiences have shaped their ideas and beliefs.

Cumulative case studies!

Cumulative case studies serve the purpose of collecting information from numerous points in time with a single topic in mind. The idea behind these studies is that collecting all of this information from past case studies together in one place will allow additional information to be discovered without worrying about the additional cost of conducting new research for this additional information. These case studies are also known as collective studies or multiple-case studies.

Critical Instance case studies!

This method is one of the topmost used methods for answering cause and effect questions. If a student engages in case study assignment writing of this type then they will be examining situations which have been extremely generalised by society, or they will be looking at situations which are extremely unique and cannot be generalised. Essentially, students will learn how to look at different critical instances while writing this case study.

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Different types of case study assignment writing
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