All About Narrative Essay Writing

Narrative essay writing is a fictional style that uses storytelling to develop a thesis. However, as one of the easiest styles to start writing, the essay is hard to master. Best narrative essay writers can use to tell a fictional story to discuss a moral or contextual concept. In other words, strong storytelling is not just an exciting fact, but a story that conveys deep meaning.

Narrative essays are a common form of storytelling and a type of essay that students are asked to write frequently in school. For example, students are often asked to write a personal narrative essay when they apply for college. At some point, all authors from essay writing services are hired to write a narrative essay. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the parameters of the genre.

What Is A Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is a type of essay that can be written by anyone easily. It is designed to present a story in your own mind or a series of life experiences and events. Narrative essays could be written by anyone who has a story to tell, but not all narrative essays become stories and are self-published. The aim of writing a narrative essay is to convey a good story and its meaning.

Features Of A Good Narrative Essay

Various characteristics are observed in a well-written narrative essay. As the term itself means, a narrative essay should be narrative and richly descriptive. A good narrative essay enables the reader to relive a writer’s experience that happened at a different time and place. To make this possible, the narrative essay writer must be able to recreate life experiences for other readers by developing thoughtful experiences into new, amazing perspectives. Also, a high level of language skills and creativity are required to turn your story into an excellent narrative. In addition, a narrative essay could be a lesson.

15 Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

Choosing the subject for your essay can be the hardest part. What you are looking for is a specific incident that you can relate to in a well-developed and clearly organized essay or speech. We have a few ideas to help you brainstorm. They’re pretty wide, but something is sure to spark an idea.

  1. A distressing experience
  2. An exciting moment of a soccer game (or any other sport)
  3. Your first day at work or a new school
  4. An experience that changed your life
  5. An experience of how technology causes more trouble than its worth
  6. An experience of a tough decision you had to make
  7. Your first time away from home
  8. Surviving a natural disaster
  9. Your dream job and how it would be
  10. An invention that you want to create
  11. A memorable trip from childhood
  12. A life-changing experience
  13. An imaginary character you would like to introduce to the world
  14. An experience that changed your point of view of someone
  15. An unforgettable memory

How Do I Write A Narrative Essay?

Writing a narrative essay could be done with freedom. It is your own story and you are free to choose what, why, and how to write. To begin your essay,

  • What to tell

First, identify the story, experience, or lesson that you want to share with your audience.

  • Why It Matters

Second, once you’ve decided what to share, think about why the experience you choose is important to others.

  • Drafting an Outline

Third, start by drafting your essay, including the specific details of the experience you want to write. Then sketch your essay and describe your story using the outline you designed.

  • Make it interesting

Remember to add vivid details and evocative descriptions of the experience rather than just saying what happened.

Other Important Facts To Keep In Mind

The plot of the narrative essay, climax, and other events should be well planned. Also, it is better to share not only the story but also the meaning of the story with the readers. Therefore, you can add a small paragraph at the beginning or at the end to serve this purpose. This could help increase readers’ sensitivity to your story.

Present Your Final Report

After you’ve written the essay, go over and over to revise your essay. Errors should be corrected, poorly structured sentences should be restructured, and all other errors and supporting documents should be proofread and corrected. Finally, prepare a final draft, create the layout, and present it.

What Is The Right Structure Of A Narrative Essay?

Narrative essays are structured around a ‘narrative arc’. There is a central conflict that usually guides the story plot, reaching the climax. When the conflict reaches its peak it unveils the concept, theme, or lesson.

It is not really important to have a precise structure to be followed while writing a narrative essay. However, if you are a beginner you can start with an easy yet basic structure including:

  • Introduction/opening
  • Rising action
  • Climax
  • Falling action
  • Resolution/end

How To Explain Narrative Essays To Students?

A narrative essay tells a simple story usually told in the first person, but students need instruction in how to tell a well-told story that invokes emotions, empathy, and a desire to see the story through to the end. To explain narrative essays, focus on teaching narrative skills that add detail and movement to the essay.

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

Familiarize students with narrative texts with examples of good narrative writing. Explain the similarity between short stories and narrative essays. For example, different essays as inspiration deepen the idea that strong nouns and verbs help readers see and feel the action of a story. While adjectives are useful, relying on them too much in a narrative essay results in a descriptive essay that alienates the reader.

Step 2:

Explain the necessary components of a narrative essay. A narrative essay is more than a story about an experience or an observation. The essay must convey a point, which means it must have a purpose.

Step 3:

Emphasize the importance of brainstorming an essay topic to learn details that will make the story more engaging. If the student chooses to write about a memory, an observation, or a person who made a difference in his life, the pre-writing helps to bring out details that make the story alive, complete, and interesting.

Step 4:

Tell your students that a narrative essay draws the reader into the story. It is advised to the writers to “recreate an incident” rather than write about the incident in order to engage the audience in the story. This type of writing takes practice.

Step 5:

Reading good stories helps you, but once students understand what a compelling narrative is, the only way to hone narrative writing skills.

What Is The Purpose Of A Narrative Essay?

The purpose of storytelling is to tell a story or narrate an event or series of events. This writing mode frequently uses descriptive writing tools. When you write a narrative essay, you are telling a story.

  • The essay should be clearly written

It is not common for narrative essays to be written from the author’s point of view; however, this is not the only point to be considered. The art in the dialogue often establishes itself in the way the author views it.

  • Use clear and concise language throughout the essay

Like descriptive essays, narrative essays are effective when language is chosen carefully, particularly and artistically. Use specific language to evoke specific senses and emotions in the reader.


While working on a narrative essay remember to choose an interesting topic that engages the reader throughout and makes them stick till the end. the topic is important and plays a great role. Moreover, consider the structure, tonality, and flow of your essay. Do not forget to lose track of your question. Write down the fundamental points, work on different drafts before you submit the final one. There are always chances for some improvisation. In case you are tired of the writing process and can’t edit and proofread your composition look for a reliable essay writing service UK. They have professionals to edit and proofread your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between a narrative essay and a descriptive essay?

The main difference involves the design of a narrative essay – it tells the whole story, while the descriptive essay is intended to convey a deeper meaning of a place, object, or idea. Both descriptive and narrative essays let you compose creatively and creatively.

  • How to Write Your Assignment Plagiarism-Free?

When writing an essay, you must incorporate these sources into your content wisely to avoid plagiarism.

  • Cite or rephrase your sources (and add your ideas).
    • Use a plagiarism checker tool before submission.
    • Keep a record of the source materials you use in your research.
    • Provide credit to the original author in citation and in-text referencing.