6 main types of report writing

Report writing is considered to be a formal style of scripting hugely and richly on a topic. The quality of report writing is always formal. The main thing to remember is to attract the audience to make their attention towards the report writing. The report writing mainly covers all facts and details that are not to be judgmental. Before submitting any report, make sure that you already do a proof-read of it and recheck it well. Reports need a lot of study and research in order to write. The main reason for report writing is to highlight the topic and develop an interest in the reader. You can even use data and statistics, charts, diagrams, and tables in order to make your report writing more attractive.

Report writing can be of various types as it mainly based upon the reason for the report and the case of which you are writing a report. For example, informal reports are mostly used in offices. A report writing refers to a clear reason and for a specific audience. In this, particular details and proofs are given that are used to examine a particular problem. The writing structure of the report is clearly formatted such as it consists of sections and headings so that the details can easily be read and understand.  When your professor has given you a task to write a report so it also includes some guidelines and instructions which need to be followed. The report writing may highlight the purpose, issue that you discuss in a report and requirements. In short, report writing explains the details of an event or any situation, and your observation. The main types of report writing includes news and academic report writing. Moreover, report writing quite changes from other types of documents due to the reason that it involves facts not the opinion of the writer.

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Formal and informal reports

Formal reports are fully structured. These reports are mainly focused on objects and organization, consist of huge information, and are formatted in a style that is helpful to remove things like personal pronouns. It’s basically the collection of data and information. Moreover, a formal report refers to examine an issue and discover the solution for that specific issue, it’s the same as a dissertation. The memo section of a formal report is like a description of the whole report. Remember one thing that avoids using extra details must in order to write a formal report. The details of the issue and other suggestions must be involved in a separate paragraph of the summary. The structure of formal business mainly consists of:

  • Memo letter
  • Title page
  • Summary
  • Content table
  • Introduction
  • Body of the content
  • Conclusion
  • List of references
  • Appendices

Informal reports are considered as short messages with the use of normal language. It usually explains the internal message or note in any firm. For example, if there is any message or note for the team members then the internal report is used to convey that message. The importance of the informal report is to inform about the changes or make some announcements for the company. The one who prepared an internal report must remember one thing that does not use any hard vocabulary or complex English language structure rather you have to use simple and easy presentation tools in order to make it understandable for the reader. An informal report of a business based on a memo that is fully structured like the other format of report of any research firm. The writer who structured an internal report considered to highlight all details in a formatted and organised way. Headings must be included in order to divide multiple topics in a properly structured manner.  The following are the outline of the structure to prepare an informal report.

  • Title
  • Intro
  • Explanation of results
  • Discussion
  • Appendices

Long and short reports

As names are simply understandable by the kinds of reports. A one or two-page report is said to be a memorandum that is categorized into short reports. However, a twenty or thirty-page report is obviously termed as long reports. But how can you find a difference between them? Well, highlight the main point that longer reports are mainly written in a manner of formal style.

Informational and analytical reports

The informational report can be defined as the report which is made from the details that are collected from the investigation. It includes annual reports, regular financial reports, and the reports which are based on the absenteeism of the workers. Informational reports are not properly structured. However, it’s not lengthy that is small. The reporter of this informational report is not allowed to share his ideas and opinions. Meanwhile, recommendations are also not required in this. There is no need for a conclusion in informational reports. 

On the other hand, analytical reports are the one that is made after examining the details of the investigation. It includes scientific research, practically reports, and reviews or judgments type reports. These kinds of reports highlighted the solution to the problems. Analytical reports are properly structured. However, it is descriptive that is larger in size. A reporter of this analytical report is allowed to share his opinions and ideas. Meanwhile, recommendations and conclusions are also necessary here to write in this report.

Proposal report

The proposal report can be defined as a problem- solving reports. These kinds of reports are prepared in order to explain how an organisation is giving a simple solution to all the issues that they are fronting. The proposal report is usually prepared in a business type of firm because this report is written in order to promote or start of the new product. The goal of this report is to highlight the solutions that is why it is known as proposal reports.

Vertical and lateral reports

These kinds of reports are referring to the hierarchy structure of the reports. Vertical reports are considered to be that is written for your management. It highlights the upward and downward direction of the hierarchy structure.

Whereas, lateral reports are the one the help to communicate or interact in the organisation. These kinds of reports are mainly used to communicate within the same organization such as a report between the management department and the finance department.

Internal and external reports

Internal reports are considered to be reports that is remain within the organisation. For example, it is mostly used in office purposes within the organization.

While external reports are like the news report that is for the newspaper in order to discuss an incident or yearly reports of the businesses or companies for the organization that belongs to outside. Moreover, it is also known as public reports.

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6 main types of report writing
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